10 Ways to Improve Office Productivity


10 Ways to Improve Office Productivity



What is backing your day at work? Is it a great chair, positive co-workers, green space, living food, clean air, regular sports activities, a clear and creative mind, frequent holidays or someone special waiting at home? Perhaps all these things account for your consistent peak performance & peace of mind at work? For those who are looking, our Better Office Productivity List can help rev up the endurance on performance in an effortless manner that keeps within the budget. It might save you a bit on treatment/medical care costs later on too!


Top 10 List for better Office Productivity.


  1. Between 4am-12noon consume hot/warm water with lemon, eat ripe fruit; organic ripe fruit, even better.


  1. Apply to any body areas that feel pained or stiff a heated or cold pack for immediate relief.


  1. Do 3-6 rounds of Sun or Moon Salutations yoga poses after a morning shower.


  1. Trade coffee for a fresh vegetable/fruit juice & watch your energy rise and your concentration improve.


  1. Pack meals or order vegetables with protein or vegetables with starch/grains. Proteins need acid to break down, starches need alkalinity and Vegetables break down in either alkaline or acid.


  1. Take stretching breaks. Not sure what to do? Check out Office Yoga to find a video guide.


  1. Make sure you see your optometrist for an up to date eye exam. Reduce eyestrain. There is Yoga for the Eyes. Try this: slowly roll the eyes clock wise along the outer limit of their natural range. Focus on seeing more in the space around you. It is easy to roll quickly but slow the movement. Repeat 3-5 times then slowly roll counter clockwise. Try this: extend one arm out to the side, thumb up, at shoulder level while keeping the head facing straight ahead. Extend the other arm straight out in front of you at shoulder level, thumb up. Move only the eyes to locate the thumb; slowly move the eyes to follow the thumb to the front, use the thumb of the opposite hand to continue all the way to the other side end of peripheral view. Go back and forth 3-5 times in a 180 degrees range. These exercises sharpen the mind’s awareness and interrupts eye habits that are limited and repetitive in the office.


  1. Reduce chemical over load, mist clothing with perfumes/colognes, not your skin or try natural products /essential oils. If body odors are intense you may want to begin a juice feast for a week or longer to give yourself needed nutrients while removing a toxic overburden. Check out Hot In The Kitchen App – Revitalizing Drinks.


  1. Choose a different positive affirmation to repeat each day at work to yourself this can break negative mind chatter and be a catalyst for creativity.


  1. Clean out clutter at home. Give yourself a clear inviting space to relax in at the end of the day, or hire a skilled trades person to complete a long standing project.


One of the greatest things you can do for yourself in all cases is to educate yourself. The Second is to try it out, and the third, if it works for your highest good, do it consistently! May all beings be at peace and prosper, namaste.