Antirheumatic Yoga Office Exercise Akasha Canada

Antirheumatic Yoga Office Exercise Akasha Canada

Part One

Part Two

Anti-rheumatic Group (Part 1 & Part 2)
For anyone with joint challenges, including degenerative or immunological arthritis, crackling joint sounds, adhesions from a past injury, to strengthen weakness during basic range of motion of one or more joints, for those typing on a key board or game console for long hours. Also beneficial for those with liver toxicity, symptoms of vitamin C deficiency in conjunction with improved nutrition intake and/or supplementation. From Pathology education @CCMH 1993/CSNN2005 relevant data states the joints of the human body partly consist of a component of Vitamin C, if the body is deficient in antioxidants the joints may lose integrity to support natural detoxification. Stiffness is greatly reduced with these postures.



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