Backbends on Yoga Ropes – Part 2

Backbends on Yoga Ropes – Part 2

Full Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana) on the Yoga Ropes is shown in this video from the back, an areal view and side view. It is at the side angle that one should note the movement from the pubic bone is driving toward the wall to maximize the arch so the back is not compromised.

Each Pigeon pose is completed with a short rest in Reclining Hero Pose (Supta Virasana). If reclining Hero Pose is not possible for you, simply relax a moment on your back in corpse pose. Relax the body completely to scan the changes in your body after each time the pose is performed.

While coming in and out of Pigeon Pose remember to try and breath slow and comfortably through the nostrils. Be mindful to avoid jamming the neck when the head comes to the floor. Rest the head lightly; the body should function like a spring with the head hanging off the end. When the elbows come to the floor some of the weight is then transferred from the lower body to the upper limbs. Continue to open the chest upward while the hips move toward the wall. For those who find it too difficult to come into Pigeon Pose fully continue to hang on to the ropes with strong arms. Slowly slide the hands down the ropes to where the resistance sets in and arch. Stop and play anywhere along the way to explore the experience and encourage the body to open and extend fearlessly. In time progress will be made. Be patient. Enjoy the support of the ropes; their use develops power in the arms and is a positive gain.

To rest in Reclining Hero Pose the calves will rotate outward out from under the out thighs. For those with more calf mass, manually pull the fleshy part outward from the thighs. If there are knee issues choose a different resting pose such as Corpse Pose or Reclining Bound Angle Pose. For those who rest in Reclining Hero Pose the pose will help relax the legs after Pigeon Pose.

Precautions to those with knee issues, vertebral disc issues, there should be no pain in the poses. Those with a current knee injury or surgery should avoid these two poses until given the green light by a Health Care Provider. It is recommended to practice a counter balance pose after Pigeon pose such as Head to Knee Pose. My all beings be at peace and prosper. Namaste.