Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward Facing Dog Pose


Under an open summer sky the heat of the sun warms my muscles. Floating out of Cobra Pose, gently rolling over my toes; my hips rise like a stately mountain peek into Downward Facing Dog Pose. My third eye searches softly for a view my navel, nudging my lower front ribs backwards towards my spine; keeping them tucked in. I’m breathing into my back ribs, releasing tension from my spine. The connection in my core creates a snake like motion up and down my spine. I am aware of a sensation of bliss and balance in my intestines and hips. My heels almost rest on the mat but it is not a force of effort downward that has them so neatly placed but the intent focus of sending sitting bones up to the sky as I pull kneecaps up with front thigh muscles. Harmony between thought and movement peacefully improves with each breath. I know having sitting bones up, kneecaps up, protects my lower back from over stretching.                                                                                                                                                           My hands are gripping the mat with all ten digits; the center of my palms feel coiling earth energy move upwards through wrists, arms and shoulders to culminate in a strong connection in the heart region. Upper arms spiral out as forearms and thumbs roll in to create balance. Shoulders are rooting into their joints like long lost friends. Shoulders press down and away from ears; my head is between the upper arms, I allow the air to embrace my face and scalp as my head floats there.

I bend one knee, then the other; making a mental note of any difference left, right. I shift my weight to my left foot, keeping my shoulders squared. I lift the right leg straight while powering up my left leg to allow the right hip to open in a delightful way. Ahhh! I bend the right knee to encourage a deeper sensation of stretch in the hip. The weighted left leg is straight, & stationed securely for the right leg to explore the edges of stretch. With a bent right knee in the sky the connective tissues of the front body extend themselves. All the while, the left leg elongates as if right leg was down beside it. Slowly right leg lowers down, the foot joins it’s left companion.

I bend one knee, the other, again to feel the difference between stretched and unstretched. Remarkable! I settle my weight on the right foot now. I send the left leg up straight while maintaining my Downward Facing Dog Pose alignment. I bend the left knee, hover in the stretch for a few breaths. I lower the left leg and re-establish distribution of weight on left and right legs equally. This time as I bend each knee, I bend both simultaneously and arch my lower back to feel more freedom, greater mobility from my sitting bones. Then exhaling I straighten the legs; I am a solid mountain called Downward Facing Dog. I have moderately liberated greater mobility in all major joints in the body, breaking the hold of habitual sitting and immobilized slumber each night. I continue on with the next yoga pose in the sequence; looking forward to returning to Downward Facing Dog Pose 5 more times Each time I do, more liberation (moksha) in my hips, better is my blood & lymph flow, my ribs and breaths expand, and I experience a greater connection throughout my self. A wondrous sense of enhanced wellness and lightness stays with me all day. At equal standing; I close my eyes. There is no restriction or stiffness. My entire body is light, elongated as if I have grown 4-5 inches in just a few minutes. My mind is clear and open; I am ready to take on the world.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, Namaste.