Groceries In Garbage Out

Groceries In  Garbage Out


Wonder what groceries in and garbage out has to do with Yoga poses? Unless you’ve heard the instructions “Eat a large meal no closer than 2 hours before a Yoga practice!” or “Practice the poses before breaking the morning fast.” it might surprise you that there are numerous reasons why these guidelines are the recommended approach to maximizing benefits of doing Yoga poses. Eating a small meal or snack one hour or twenty minutes before class does not negate benefits of Yoga exercises if done during a lunch break or performed in the evening. Do consider the advantages for yourself and align your habits to a schedule you can commit to.

Here are some motivations for the following guidelines: An empty stomach and upper bowel makes for more confortable easier transitions and lighter centered body awareness during all exercises. Breathing through the postures will be easier. There will be less pressure on the organs of the chest and organs of the abdominal region. To avoid heartburn, esophageal reflux, spitting up a meal, or being nauseated or even vomiting during practice be sure the stomach is empty. It takes approximately 15 minutes for one fruit item to leave the stomach, an hour for a cup of protein or complex carbohydrate and longer if protein and carbs are eaten together. Doing the poses when you feel energy in the muscles rather than when feeling full can help reduce potential strain to the lower back from abdominal distention. Awareness of the self in motion is diminished long term from over eating and poor quality food. States of bloat, excessive meals, low fiber diets and constipation push accumulating waste forward and out. Over time this pushing out can weaken abdominal muscles to the point that the pelvic bones have no choice but to fall forward as the rib cage leans back maintain an artificial “upright” position. Obvious or not, this jams the smaller joints of the vertebrae so degenerative states that lead to chronic back stiffness and pain get going. Who can practice blissfully with back pain, or a bloated abdomen, especially while trying to twist the torso? Most people are not looking for discomfort.

The good news is consistent Yoga asana practice is able to turn the student around on the road back from suffering to rejuvenation! Warming up with Yoga poses that rotate and mobilize the spine, activates the legs in the morning along side drinking fresh lemon in warm water can help move the garbage in the liver and intestines out. Sometimes the twist is more in the preparation leading up to starting on the mat, in order to get the most out of the practice! Be ever diligent to finding the poses you need focus on to transcend internal sluggishness, mental chatter; a practice to replenish your energy and feel great! Build a practice that makes you smile from the inside no matter what time your groceries are going in or out.

Get the most out of your practice! Side Chair Pose, Seated Spinal Twist, Revolved Triangle Pose and numerous other Yoga postures call for a deep vertebral rotation. While wringing out the abdominal organs, remember to work right to left this will follow the natural cleansing direction of intestinal peristalsis (movement).

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, Namaste.