Lion in the Lotus Pose

Lion in the Lotus Pose


See the summer foliage as a background? You wouldn’t know that that is my front driveway view, but it is summer and the greenery is lush. I hear birds chattering, the occasional bee or dragonfly dropping by. I light my candles before every 1 hour plus practice.

This is my watermelon mat; I practically live on watermelon each morning during the hot season. Lion Pose (Simhasana) is a fun posture;  I grew up in a playful family that has great spirit, wonderful humour about life. I think this has been my anchor through all traumas, illnesses and the reason I have been able to let go of so much and still feel the roar of my spirit.

This Pose is Lion In the Lotus and I remember the feeling of power and peace in this pose as if I am in it in this moment. I love the muscles of my back engaged here; they guard my lower back and tone my kidneys. My upper arm could have externally rotated a little more to engage the rhomboids of my upper back in this moment, but the alignment of ear over shoulder over wrist is good. Stretching my tongue (a strong muscle) in this way feels empowering, stimulating my throat in a pleasing manner.

The throat chakra is the aperture for self expression, will, fluent speech as well as the channel for breath and nourishment. My tongue tastes the air. As children we stuck or tongues out in retaliation as a statement of “leave me be”. It relieves the face and sinuses of some stress; try it now with the mouth open rather than guarding. Do you feel the connection with your spine? Really stretch your tongue out as far as it can extend while elongating the neck.

While my torso, chest, neck and tongue lift up out of the cave of my hips my leg coil bound into a pretzel shape. Vital life force is saved from leaking out the closed circuit of my legs in lotus, building energy, concentrating it at the top of my sacrum. I’m resting on the earth above my knee joints on the soft fleshy spots. If my feet could have coiled higher I might been able to pull myself along by walking on my hands across the wood floor. That might have been fun as well as amusing to watch.

After this pose, I moved into a counter stretch for my back, a seated forward bend and let my face relax completely. Rest feels best following effort.

To protect the wrists imagine the centre of you palms as a suction cup; spread the fingers, thumbs wide, press all digits and edges of each hand down as if gripping the ground, draw energy up through the arms.

A counter pose for the wrists is the calming posture “Hand Under Foot Pose” (Padhastasana). Beginners are recommended to practice Lion Pose seated as well it is recommended to practice various hip opening poses.Try Half Lotus Pose and if the knees are free of inflammation practice seated Lotus Pose.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free. Namaste.