Permission To Play

Permission To Play

Who you are in this moment is all you need to start a Yoga Practice. Simply surrendering to the practice for 20, 30, 60, 90 minutes or more guarantees you will not be the same when you step off the mat; whether this is the first day or every day after. Lighting a flame for life through Yoga burns brighter with practice giving back great light on your personal peace, courage and compassion; not unlike a best friend who is always there for you.


Surrendering to Yoga practice is not losing your power to a guru or teacher but it is about suspending judgment and giving yourself permission to play! Some times locating your fun spot gets lost in the shuffle of “getting through” each day. Here are some tell tale signs of being ‘disconnected” from what you live for and who you enjoy being: rushing, not looking at people during conversation, texting and walking, oblivious to surroundings, feeling that you are too old to enjoy activities you enjoyed as a child such as sitting under a tree, stopping yourself from having a good time in fear of looking silly or getting dirty, worrying upon waking, sleep disturbances, mood swings, avoiding people or habitual dropping the ball on your own responsibilities to tend to other people, letting other dictate what you do or want, telling yourself there is not enough time to do what you.

Wake up in this moment; wake up this morning with permission to play at life and go to bed with a top ten list of moments you loved today! Drop pressure and expectation and set the tone for the day with an idea for “practicing” balance. Give yourself room to breath and explore with curiosity what you can do right now and how great it feels to you; build and rebuild your view and awareness of a complete and wondrous you! Get grounded with the earth, the air around you. Notice that just as the sky is different every day so is how you find and free yourself. Follow yourself around, set up tests on ability and try to bet your best and play. Genuinely wanting to change something in or about your life is a different sensation from trying to “blend in.” Wanting to change is infinite power, as is the energy to sustain what nourishes your child-like spirit. Imagine that you are seeing your life and yourself for the first time; politeness, patience, kindness and simple curious questions make for great introductions as well as long term friendships. Meet yourself anew and build a friendship for life you can love!

Here are some helpful hints for making your life more spontaneous, playful and awake to the fullness of being alive: (I’m certain you can discover other ways as well). Take 10-15 minutes to daydream each day; lay on the grass and cloud gaze, go with impulses through senses of touch, smell, sound, sight and taste; if you loved ice cream as a child treat yourself once a week, unsubscribe from cluttering emails, free up time for exploring life, take a walk, take a class and practice participating, practice listening with a quiet mind of contemplation, feel more when your body is in stillness, relax and breath, you are an important part of the collective consciousness, make space, reduce the clutter of each day; observe habits keeping you overly busy and explore ways to free time for your Yoga practice. Keep clean and meticulous care of your feet so that when you step on to your mat your feet are a reflection of dedication and sacredness; love your feet as they move you through your practice with every step. Get to know the unique contours of your feet; cultivate gratitude as they move you wherever you desire. Wiggle those toes, lift all ten toes and feel the four corners of your feet. Notice if the toes are sleepy, responsive, tired or alert as they grip the mat. Observe each shin. Are they feeling strong, tight or just waking up today? Try different movements and find connectedness where there is no discomfort. Self-empowerment is key to continue. Yoga is a way to learn your body and how capable and amazing it is. Play and celebrate every obstacle so you can understand and claim each small victory. These victories reflect greatness in you and shine both on the mat and off and into the world.

Miracles happen every day, and if nothing challenges you every day it is harder to see those miracles; most importantly, you might miss experiencing miracles yourself. Nothing is more important than your own well-being. If you need forgiveness, forgive others, don’t judge, let all be as it is. No matter what happens you will be alright. If you need love, love you as well as others. Place yourself among happy people who are experts at what you yourself desire to master. “Aim for the moon; even if you don’t reach it, you’ll land among the stars.” If you’re not sure what is needed in a situation, ask permission to help or ask for guidance to achieve a positive outcome. Trust that you are on the right path. Thank yourself for every thing you do that brings a smile to your heart. Be kind to your process and most importantly give yourself permission to really play, or as a Yogi might say “practice” every day!

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, Namaste.