Real Men Do Yoga: Book Review


Real Men Do Yoga: Book Review

Who: author of “Real Men Do Yoga” John Capouya, journalist, sportswriter and yoga practitioner at Dharma Yoga Center in New York City.

Who this book is about: 21 star athletes, such as Dan Marino, all-time great quarterback, Eddie George, star NFL running back, Heisman Trophy winner, Barry Zito, pitcher, Cy Young Award, Kevin Garnett, NBA superstar, Sean Burke, All-Star NHL goaltender, David Duval, golf pro, Justin Gimelstob, a top ranked tennis player, and more…

Why: The author wrote this book geared for the athletic public. John Capouya talks on the benefits of using Yoga poses for increasing higher levels of skill in numerous pro sports as well as prolonged careers in these athletic professions. The author lists medical facts and provides photographs with detailed instruction on how to do some poses.

How: Some athletes practice 30 minutes of Yoga poses every day, some do the breathing exercises before every game, others take classes or practice at home. Yoga improved their flexibility, range of motion that in turn increases muscle-firing power, sport performance, reduces muscle soreness from lactic acid and avoids injuries and made for better more permanent recovery from injuries.

What: Some poses that worked for these athletes are mentioned as well as things to be aware of when looking to improve performance and longevity in a sport. The author advocates beginning yoga practice with Sun Salutation poses.

Where: yoga poses were practiced at various locations in various settings. Yoga allows specific body area focus while challenging it as a whole. The book talks about getting started, flexibility, strength, endurance and recovering from injuries.

When: The “Real Men Do Yoga” book was Published 2003. The time frame before yoga benefits were noticed; some immediate relief and better range of motion and from long-term 6months to 1+ year gains proved elimination of pain, more over all strength and better performance, faster recovery, clearer mind, better sleep more control! Sounds Great! The book is inspirational and practical; Check it out!

ISBN-13: 978-0-7573-0112-4 or ISBN-10: 0-7573-0112-6