Travel Yoga Poses @ Miami Zoo

Travel Yoga Poses @ Miami Zoo

Hot For Yoga travels to the Miami Zoo, U.S.A. Truly a wild experience! In the video I sat in Lotus Pose (Padmasana) on a 100 year old Tortoise; it walked around enjoying a tasty snack of leaves. Something to be said here about eating greens! But later. I crouched down low to be eye to eye with an iguana lizard in Lizard Pose. Holding up an Albino Python (just a baby) I managed Pigeon Pose prep and a swaying tree pose. While in the habitat of an elderly albino alligator I relied on staff readied with long poles to block the alligators mouth if need be. As I lay on the grass near enough to the alligator to raise a little excitement I practiced Crocodile Pose and Lotus Pose. Although the alligator was blind it could smell me! Thank fully the alligator only smiled.

After filming I explored a softer interaction with the animals. Young Lemurs jumped around with impressive distance coming near for a few treats before either bouncing off with other lemurs or staying longer to be cuddled. Lemur babies at the Miami Zoo will later be reintroduced to the forests of Madagascar. A baby Capuchin monkey (“Night at the Museum” film) was place in my arm. It was just a few days old. While it was so tiny it showed great courage checking me out with surprising awareness and vision. Afterwards I splashed around up to my ankles in water with African Penguins that bravely looked directly at every person they encountered as if to say I acknowledge you, welcome. The penguins are strong for their size and the natural oils in their skin (from eating fish) make their feathers very soft. It was an amazing visit!

This video and these photographs were taken with permission under close supervision, and intended to inspire interest in peaceful animal interaction. This video is intended inspire Yoga asana practice. May this video help raise awareness of the great programs and zoos open to the public. At the Miami Jungle Zoo, Florida, U.S. the “VIP” tour reveals open-hearted people helping to improve the quality of lives for many animals. The grace of acceptance from the animals for human presence even strangers like myself can inspire peace our daily lives. A special thank you to Ryan and all the Staff who made this experience easy and fun! All the animals you see are wild creatures. Do not attempt risky wild encounters on your own. For the interest of children there are safe overnight adventures available at the Miami Zoo. May all beings be at peace and prosper. Namaste.

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