Wide Leg Forward Bend D Pose

Wide Leg Forward Bend D Pose


Wide Leg Forward Bend D Pose is a wonderful pose to extend the length of the hamstrings shortened after prolonged sitting and after sports such as hockey and soccer to stretch the hamstrings and adductors of the inner thighs. Wide Leg Forward Bend will mobilize the ankles, stretch the back and open the hips, elongate the hamstrings, adductors, help with balance and spatial awareness.


How to do this pose correctly

Stand in Mountain Pose (Samasthitih) at the front of your mat, inhale, step the right foot far back and pivot to face the side of the mat. Place hands on hips and exhaling bending forward from the top of the thighs. Clasp hold of the big toes with thumb and first two fingers. Blossom the hips open and inhale half way up extending the spine straight. Exhale as you fall forward. Energy of the torso and head move backwards toward thighs while centered. Take a few slow deep breaths in the pose. If the crown of the head and shoulders is not pointing straight down this make take time. Placing the feet further apart may also adjust this. To break the pose, place hands on the hips extend the head and spine half way up, pivot the feet to bring them a little closer to each other and extend the spine all the way up to standing. Pivot the feet to face the front of the mat and step the right foot forward. Stand in Mountain Pose, hands at your side. Feel the effective liberation of circulation, reduction of tension and a sense of wellbeing. Dizziness can be attributed to irregular breathing, coming up to quickly or low blood sugar. Repeat the pose 2-3 times.


Benefits of Wide Leg Forward Bend D Pose

Wide Leg Forward Bend Poses are preparation poses for Tripod Headstand (Salamba Sirshasana) and offer a smooth transition into Tripod Headstand and back into Wide Leg Forward Bend Pose.



Those with herniated cervical spine issues, headaches or hip injuries should avoid this pose until the issues are resolved.



Wide Leg Forward Bend A B and C can be performed before or alternatively in place of Wide Leg Forward Bend D. To transition to Tripod Headstand the legs must be sufficiently wide enough so the head can rest with the crown directly straight down on the mat, the hands must be firmly planted on the floor beside the head and the arms parallel to one another. The heels should almost float off the mat.

The main gazing point (drishti) is the space before the eyebrows. This point drops to the tip of the nose when inhaling half way up, before rising again to the space before the eyebrows. It is at this juncture in the body that the energetic meridians intersect. Power for balanced energy should be present in the mind through this pose. Empty all other thoughts.