Yoga in the Office-Vehicle-Plane

Yoga in the Office-Vehicle-Plane

Yoga Movements for the office are indispensable and are as great as they are simple in their purpose; to reduce stress and body strain after long meetings, hours of standing or computer work. Yoga at the office effectively revitalizes a feeling of being energized. The range of motion and soft resistance movements reduce body tension and eye strain during your devoted time at work. While these series are originally designed for the Yoga Mat they have been modified to suit a busy office lifestyle. No particular stretchy or athletic clothing is required.

Here’s a link to one of a number of videos showing “Yoga Movements for the office”

It is recommended for safety that anyone with any medical concerns consult with their Health Care Provider before beginning this or any other exercise program. Practice Ahimsa (gentleness) with your body at every opportunity. Some of these movements can be performed on an exercise ball, a chair or as traditional done, on the floor.


All the Yoga for the Office movements may be useful regardless of age and even if there is no physical issue. Prevention is easier than rehabilitation. Just ask anyone who has come from that experience and surely he or she will remove any uncertainty on the matter. While the yoga sequences have been categorized for specific needs you do not need to have arthritis to do the anti-rheumatic series. Regardless of abdominal leanness the abdominal series may be practiced, best albeit on an empty stomach. Feel free to explore and try any and all office Yoga movements. The Yoga for the Office movements are easy to do at the office, as well many may be performed while sitting as a passenger in any vehicle you’re not operating, even on a flight to reduce tension. For more of a challenge try these series of movements while sitting on an exercise ball. Have fun and enjoy the benefits of your efforts.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free. Namaste.