Yoga Pose Standing Hand to Big Toe B


Yoga Pose Standing Hand to Big Toe B

Standing Hand to Big Toe B pose extends the leg up to the side for a deep stretch to hips and pelvic muscles while challenging balance. This pose is part of a standing series practice and is a wonderful pose to build power and flexibility for floor poses.

How to do this pose: Stand in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) bearing the weight of the body equality on both feet. Shift the weight to one leg, without shifting the hips off to the side, keep the chest open, spine long and hips balanced as if weight were still going to both feet. While standing on the weight bearing leg, Exhale & lift the other leg by bending the knee up. Inhale clasp hold of the big toe with thumb and index finger; exhale & with control swing the clasped foot and leg to the side and straighten. The foot will be lifted higher than the hips toward shoulder level. Hold the pose for 3-5 deep breaths. To break the pose swing the foot of the raised leg to the front of you body; exhaling with control bend the knee and lower the leg. Return to Mountain pose and enjoy the sensation of change and stretch in your body.

Modifications: If unable to clasp the big toe or if unable to straighten the spine use a yoga strap around the foot of the leg to be lifted and pull with the strap to guide the leg to the side while maintaining an upright posture. If this pose is out of reach at this time, try setting the foot out to the side on a horizontal handrail that is about hip level. Use a Yoga strap on the elevated foot to practice lifting the leg with control.

If breath is irregular hold the pose for less time or try the pose standing with your back against the wall or try laying on your back on the mat to perform the posture. Sometimes it just takes showing the mind what it feels like to be in position while first fully supported.

Benefits:   Tones buttocks, thighs, calves, back and shoulders while engaging the core. Improves mental focus and coordination. Improves ankle mobility. Energizes the whole body.

Precautions: Anyone with recent hip, shoulder or back injuries should avoid this pose. There should be a reasonable stretch and no pain in the pose.



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