Yoga Warm ups ropes video by akasha HFY

Yoga Warm ups ropes video by akasha HFY

Yoga Warm ups ropes video by akasha HFY

Warm ups on the Yoga ropes are a typical method of limbering up used in the Iyengar style of Yoga  Asana practice. Irregardless of which style of Yoga one is currently familiar with, Yoga ropes provide a wonderful safe way to explore Yoga Postures (Asanas).

Coordination between movement and breath is established while the body “warms up.” It is a
wonderful way to scan the body for any areas that may be stiff and assist with bringing the body
back into harmony to move as one entity. Typically 20 rounds are performed. If in the beginning this seems overwhelming start with 5-10 and work towards 20.

Breath through the nose with the mouth closed and relax. If the breath becomes irregular it is a
sign that the mind is not able to assimilate the vast amount of information available from the complexity of movement, speed or is too busy making mechanical adjustment to protect joint integrity.

Gains can be best made with effort that is fun and interesting rather than forced. The point to
practicing is greater mindfulness as well as agility and beauty.
Good luck! May all beings be at peace and prosper.


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